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August 14, 2021
"Before us, as now, both dawns and nights were replaced,
And the sky, as now, completed its century-old circle,
Step carefully on the dusty ground with your foot,
You are not trampling on dust, but on the lovely beauty's eyes... "

Omar Khayyam

PANGEA is the third and final artwork of series portraits, created by the collaboration of artists NFT 256. This large-scale work with a size of 7000x7000 pixels and a weight of 14.2 MB is fully stored on the blockchain. This means that all information about the creator, owner, transaction and block metadata is compiled to a single byte code of the Pure NFT token. The picture can be viewed in detail directly through the Block Explorer. It was put on display specifically for the world's first offline auction from Foil Network.

PANGEA appeared as part of an existing portrait series, but at the same time it became a unique work of art. Like our universe, which consists of millions of galaxies, a single PANGEA consists of 256 self-sufficient worlds created with the help of various tools and techniques.

Brand new technology

Their technology of creating a portrait is as follows: artists do not see the final image. To work, they receive only a pixel tile, that is, one fragment of 256 parts. Their main task is to fit their original art into the tile color scheme without violating it. Otherwise, the artists have complete freedom in choosing tools and forms. Inside the portrait, you can find static, animation, digital painting, and others (graffiti on the walls, watercolor or oil on canvas), 1D, 2D and 3D, literally everything.

“There was even more intrigue than usual. After all, we collected photos of our creators, but we were able to hide the fundamental concept inside the future portrait. Everyone was waiting for this amazing face, and when they found out why we created it and what we would broadcast to the world, they cried, just like the night before the release. Because it was literally a sleepless night. The community, as a single organism, completed the work urgently in order to make it to the auction. All night until the morning, people drew, encouraged each other in our chats, quickly made the necessary changes to get into the color transitions more accurately and "connect" with neighboring tiles as accurately as possible. As a result, we made it in time and almost made history."
Maxim Vavaev
the founder of NFT256
This creative method itself works like a wow effect. But the team decided to turn to Russian scientific thought and base the final portrait on Vladimir Vernadsky's concept of the noosphere (you can read about it in the PANGEA manifesto). The collective consciousness of Vernadsky, as well as the fact of the completion of the portrait series, led the creators of PANGEA to the idea of uniting the NFT256 artists themselves into one whole. They collected photographs of their faces, and, using sophisticated morphing technology, combined them, obtaining a portrait of a person who simultaneously exists and does not exist. Like a kind of magic.

“Such a difficult and important work, an amazing result, the first offline auction of NFT art in Russia, a cool bidding story and, finally, PANGEA in the most worthy collection of a wonderful person. And forever in the blockchain” - Maxim Vavaev summed up. — “It is difficult to wish for a better fate for our PANGEA. Thank you all!”

Collector's Edition

The Foil Network team is preparing a new feature for the NFT marketplace – limited edition run of digital artwork. PANGEA became the best candidate for the first “print” run: each of 256 tiles of the painting will be issued as Pure NFT limited edition with its own description, manifest and metadata on the Foil blockchain. Like a puzzle, everyone can collect pieces which make the image of PANGEA.

"Working with Foil is getting the most out of the developers. They always listen to users and provide operational support. I met a part of the team personally and I will tell you, these are great guys. They made a great product” — continued Maxim Vavaev. — “As for Pure NFT, now this technology is unique, primarily because it allows you to store ‘digital’ in its pure form forever. You don’t need to be afraid that the server will be closed, the password from the cloud storage will be lost or the file will simply be deleted. I think Pure NFT will find its application in the market, although, perhaps, it is too good for NFT. I would use it for something more serious and global. For example, for storing history, family trees or works of art from the Louvre or the Hermitage.”

Artists ' impressions of working on Pure NFT PANGEA


A friend invited me to participate in Pangea twice. I found some reasons and did not join. And when she wrote for the third time that some seats were vacant, I flew into the "last car". I completed the work on time, drawing one of my "dreams" in the color of my skin. And when the movement started with the auction and the expectation of what his portrait was, it became more and more interesting. After the implementation and seeing everything happening from inside the community, it motivated me even more. I realized that I want to participate in such collaborations again!


Throughout the entire work, we were given tasks, first to select a tile, then to make it, closer to the end, to check the color scheme, in general, communication was constant. We really wanted to get to the offline auction, we had to work hard for this. The night before the auction we were told that not all the tiles were ready, and then some magic happened: many artists decided to make an effort and take on more work, finishing other tiles. I myself participated in this and it was an unforgettable feeling of working in a team and, as a result, we did it and it inspired us very much to create new works, both with the NFT256 team and our own personal projects.
Eugene "Ye" Kuznetsov:

It was my first time. I was just starting to get acquainted with the world of nft, reading articles, looking at works, and in one of the chat rooms I came across news about the nft community "NFT256" and just at that time they were recruiting artists for the #PANGEA project.

I decided that this was a great chance to try myself in digital art and make art that will become 1/256 of a cool nft project.

I chose my tile #37, acid pink and purple shades. My first thoughts were to make a text illustration, but in the process I realized that this was not enough, and after a couple of hours I visualized my tile and started creating.

After 7 hours, "SUSPENSE" was born - #37 tile of 256 forming Pangaea.
We didn't know what would be the result of our labors until the very end, and that's the beauty of it, you are given only a color scheme and no more frames, a challenge and space for creativity at the same time.

You can see the result for yourself, it does not need extra words

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