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June 2021 ROADMAP

June 24, 2021
“While building the scalable blockchain…We realized how vulnerable and unstable most of the popular blockchains and decentralized applications are” – Foil Network

Foil Pure NFT Marketplace and Private Offline NFT Auction

Pure NFT Art Contest is almost over, and Foil Network are proud to announce more upcoming events. There are lots of things to keep an eye on during the end of June. Important upcoming events are Pure NFT Marketplace, Blockchain Interactions airdrop and the upcoming IDO.

Foil Network plan to host a private offline NFT auction in Moscow, Russia in order to support the mentioned events during Pure NFT Marketplace launch. This unique event will be held in cooperation with Prometheus, a major Russian crypto influencer group. About 100 auction participants will be taking action for a very first private digital art auction in Russia, with pure beauty of the NFT art delivered to art collectors directly by Prometheus and Foil Network.

Pure NFT vs NFT404

The censored and altered digital art and data are among the top upcoming problems, related to non-pure NFT solutions, created over Ethereum or other popular blockchains. NFT assets that have content media stored over IPFS and centralised storage are vulnerable to various damages and modifications, as there is no guarantee of data replication or reliability of the peers. In terms of NFT being as a whole, ‘pure’ NFT structure, comes Foil Network with the Pure NFT.

Foil Elastic Blockchain

In May, Foil successfully launched the main net with a Foil Web wallet. After the successful launch of the Foil Network, Bronze Stage of Blockchain Interactions campaign has been held with thousands of participants and a private 2M $FOIL seed round that has been completed overnight. Over 100 artists have registered to create their first pure nuts.

The Roadmap for May has been successfully completed on time. During the first week of June, first NFTs were released on FOIL elastic blockchain by various artists and NFT content creators. The Pure NFT Art Contest has been announced shortly after in order to let the crypto artists mint their NFT for free and have a chance to win $300 in FOIL crypto.

Mint NFTs on testnet

In order to create NFT on the testnet, the digital artists only have to create their FOIL web wallet, which has all the features integrated into the Dashboard. The minted NFTs then can be placed over the NFT Marketplace, which is to be launched this summer, Q3 2021.

NFT Marketplace

The Pure NFT Marketplace is an elastic cross-chain solution, created on the whole new NFT standard. While an NFT asset is created in ‘pure’ way with NFT storage over the blockchain, the integrated cryptocurrencies allow the NFTs to be traded in popular crypto, such as DOGE.

Foil Network is a set of elastic blockchains, and every blockchain within the FOIL ecosystem can be integrated with any popular blockchain, including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. This makes any NFT created on FOIL Network impossible to alter or delete, while providing tremendous liquidity behind the NFT platform.

The Silver Stage of Blockchain Interactions

Foil Network will proceed and activate the next stage of Blockchain Interactions Airdrop event, with 375,000 FOIL distributed for all crypto adopters and supporters of the elastic blockchain-as-a-service solutions.

The primary goals for the Silver Stage would be to interact with Foil Blockchain and deliver the ideology of elastic blockchains, pure NFT and advantages of verified blockchain solutions. The importance of blockchains to be transparent, immutable and trusted has to be delivered as a message to the global crypto community.

Stay tuned to Foil Network channels for more details on Blockchain Interactions Airdrop event!

Developing Elastic Blockchains

The plans for June go far beyond the community events, as FOIL are about to complete the Smart Contract Token Generation Event and to hold the private seed round on Ethereum.

Each of the aforementioned events will be officially announced over the Foil Network social media channels.

Mobile Wallet

The FOIL mobile web wallet with the same spectre of functions as the web wallet will be released shortly after along with the rebranded website. Soon after, FOIL mobile app will be released on the app stores, following the advanced development of FOIL Network blockchain-as-a-service products.
The FOIL NFTs are being created in ‘pure’ standard over the FOIL test net, however, the mainnet of FOIL PURE NFT will be enabled by the end June. This will allow the authors to create NFTs on the FOIL Network and proceed with the NFT Storage and Marketplace authentic drops. The pure NFT will be accessible and ready-to-use for NFT artists and creators. Foil Team will then proceed to the initiation of integrated Decentralised Exchange. Once the FOIL DEX is activated, the Foil Network will be ready for the public FOIL crypto sale!

After the private round on ETH, Foil Network will continue to Initial Decentralised Offering and FOIL coin distribution, as per the Roadmap.
Foil Network, a rapid advanced set of elastic blockchains wrapped as the cross-chain BaaS, present the Pure NFT and blockchain-as-a-service to the global adoption and individual utility.

Stay tuned to the upcoming products and announcements over the FOIL communies.

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