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March 28, 2022
Distribution of games based on Pure NFT
Hello, friends. Today we’ll talk about the games’ distribution via digital stores. For example, let’s analyze the Steam’s policy.
Introduction and a bit of nostalgia
The first and most important thing for users is the convenience. Everything seems to be observed. No more installation from disks, no manual unpacking. The game can be bought in two clicks. You don’t even need to go anywhere. Buying, paying, waiting, downloading, enjoying.

It’s no wonder that Steam is so popular. It's an instant improvement, compared to physical media. But…
Physical media had something that digital copies don’t have. This feeling haunts everyone who remembers compact disks and floppy disks. But is this only nostalgia? Let’s think together. Let’s remember how it was.

A familiar stall or store, a familiar seller. Hey, have you that new game? Okay, give me, quickly! I’ll pay later, really, just give me it! People can buy it while I’m looking for money!
The seller agrees, and you run home full tilt. World becomes unimportant for the next few days. Then interest disappears, you play less and less, until put the game on the shelf or transfer to a friend for exchange or as a gift.
Stop! I found! Each of us had a shelf, and each disk was bought with the saved money, or exchanged from a friend for something equally valuable. Collecting, the destiny of games owners.

Features of buying games on Steam
A curious moment in the Steam rules:
Can you imagine? Strictly speaking, you don’t own the games and addons you bought. Don’t own the account, for that matter. You are subscribed to Steam and its content. So, if anything goes wrong, you can lose everything. All the games, all the achievements, all the hours played. You will have to “restore purchases” with no guarantee of success. You can’t even transfer the game to a friend! A little different from our memories, right?
“Your Account, including any information related to it (such as contact information, payment information, Account history, Subscriptions, etc.), is strictly personal in nature. You may not sell or rent or otherwise transfer the right to use your Account, and you may not sell, rent or otherwise transfer the right to use your Subscriptions, except as expressly permitted by this Agreement (including any Subscription Terms or Rules of Use) or as otherwise permitted by Valve.”
B. Subscriptions; Content and Services

As a Subscriber, you may have access to certain services, software products, and content available to Subscribers. Content and Services" in this Agreement means the Steam client software and any other software, content, and updates you download or access using Steam, including but not limited to Valve or third-party video games, game content, and software associated with the Device, and any virtual items you trade, sell or purchase through the Steam Subscription Marketplace; "Subscriptions" in this Agreement means rights up to

Each Subscription entitles you to access certain Content and Services. Some Subscriptions may impose additional terms specific to that Subscription ("Subscription Terms") (for example, an end user license agreement for a particular game or terms of use specific to a particular product or feature of Steam). Also, additional terms (for example, payment and billing procedures) may be posted on or within the Steam service ("Rules of Use"). The Rules of Use include the Steam Terms of Use and the Steam Refund Policy Valve's Subscription Terms, Rules of Use and Privacy Policy (found at are legally binding on you as soon as you accept them or this Agreement or otherwise agree to be bound by them, as set forth in Section 8 (Addenda to this Agreement).
The Content and Services are for your personal use. You may not: (i) sell, grant a security interest in or transfer copies of the Content and Services to any third party in any way, nor lease, rent or license the Content or Services to any third party without the prior written consent of Valve, except as expressly set forth in this Agreement (including any Subscription Terms or Rules of Use); (ii) provide your matchmaking services or emulate or redirect the communication protocols Valve uses in network settings for Content and Services By emulating protocols, tunneling, modifying or adding new components to the Content and Services, using utilities or any other techniques already available or hereafter developed, for any purpose, including (but not limited to) network play over the Internet, network play using commercial and non-commercial gaming networks, or using the Content and Services as part of networks, websites or data collection services without the prior written permission of Valve; or (iii) using the Content and Services or components thereof for commercial purposes, except as expressly permitted in any clauses of this Agreement (including any Subscription Terms or Terms of Use).
So, digital stores (Steam, Epic Games Store etc.) are not suitable for collectors at all. Any technical failure will turn your collection into nothing. Maybe you won’t even play anymore. In real life, the outsider’s status didn’t prevent you from playing in any way. But the ban of your account on the digital platform is a kind of this preventing. Unfair, right? Honest gamers are outraged!
Nevertheless, it is cost-effective. One copy in one hand with the ability to cut the pleasure cable at any time! Also, the games are getting worse…
Is there a solution that will suit both gamers and game studios? Maybe the walls were built artificially and - it's scary to say - are just springboards to the outside world? Maybe digital stores are not necessary?
You may ask where the alternative is. The answer is right in front of your eyes.

Games on Pure NFT
Pure NFT
What exactly is Pure NFT? Briefly: a container on the blockchain, in which you can pack anything. The game as a really non-fungible token solves all the collectors’ problems.
1. Firstly, the owner of Pure NFT is really the Owner with a capital letter. Content can be transferred, sold if you tired (maybe perhaps even with royalties to the author), exchanged… just like in childhood. Everything is fair, NFT has already been bought, is already in the blockchain and is available to the owner right from there. The author of the game, or the owners of the marketplace, can’t do anything with it.
2. In addition, unlike the faceless classic NFTs, Pure can be produced in certain editions and each edition can be given its own characteristics. This is good for the publisher — after all, a certain kind of collectors will chase a certain edition, and someone, maybe, will collect everything. At the same time, the author will be the unconditional author, and the owner will be the unconditional owner. The blockchain will fulfill its main function of an impartial rights fixer. The difference with the feeling from childhood will be leveled, there remains only nostalgia for plastic boxes and mirrored optical discs. But everything else will be made up in full.
How Pure NFT games work
At first, the publisher creates a person on, passes KYC/AML verification, gets the ability to create tokens… So, potential scammers are cut off, what's next?
The game is loaded into the blockchain, the required number of NFT copies (circulation) with a unique game key is released… The platform requests a key from the account through the FOIL wallet, and if there is one, starts the game. However, if the key was transferred or sold, only the last owner has access.
Nothing. Except for one delicate aspect: pirated links will rot a hundred times, but the game will be stored in the blockchain almost forever. Plus, if the Owner can sell the key, maybe he will agree to give it free, or for a nominal fee. It’s not necessary to pay the author or publisher, you can wait for the such person as you to put the key up for sale. This will immediately form a used games market, the so-called Pure NFT for the poor. Something like eBay, you know…
So, let’s look at the technical aspect — how it works, and why the owner is the Owner. How would it even look like for an ordinary person? For example, let’s look at the FOIL blockchain.
Now you seem to know everything about Pure NFT games, how it works. It’s time to tell about the next aspect.
Well, yes, it’s cool for the user. And what about the author?
The author will receive the royalty. This means that if a person sells the key to the game at a reduced cost, some money still pays to the author. Great, isn’t it? The author is provided with an almost constant inflow of funds due to resale (if the game is known, of course), and the user can choose between a new expensive copy, or a cheap used one. The interests of all sides are fully respected.
In adittion, someone who has already sold the key may want to return. Firstly, for the sake of nostalgia, and secondly, for a new released DLC. DLCs, by the way, can be made free: people will still want to come back. And again - resale of keys, royalties… The author is in the black!
Achievements will also be there, thanks to the FOIL blockchain. Plus, it will be possible to add a transparent crowdfunding system, and the possibility of integrating the FOIL wallet with game projects. By the way, this will make it easier to request keys. LOL.

Someone will ask: “And what prevents a scammer from downloading a game from the blockchain, making an offline copy for himself and distributing it via torrent?”
Tokenization… wait, wha…?
Tokenization is when in-game items, such as characters armor or something else, are NFT themselves. This brings us back to the idea of transparent p2p market. Game hackers’ “shops” are not necessary more.

Look, I'm playing Mortal Kombat Mobile. I have a diamond (platinum) character with the highest stats. But I don't really need it, cause my team consists mainly of gold chars and combines with each other via passive skills. And someone really needs this diamond/platinum character to pass an Impossible Level.
I sell NFT with my character completely legally, we are in the black as players, and the authors of the game received profit too: as a commission from the transaction. Loot boxes, donation etc. is not necessary. For nothing literally. So, every item on the “used NFT market” will gain value among players. The reason is the real time will be spent on it, but not code hacking.

Of course, no one has canceled the bots, which automate the entire gameplay. This phenomenon has already killed more than one game. In some games there are even more bots than live accounts. Well, the cost of game items falls accordingly, and the game becomes useless to anyone. Sad but true… Disadvantages of NFT games? Maybe for classic NFT, but…
But in the case of Pure NFT, we forget about KYC/AML verification. The percentage of bots will decrease exponentially if only verified accounts will can sell NFTs on p2p market. The maximum for bot breeders will be buying of verified accounts. But who wants to be held accountable? There are not many people who are ready to give into the wrong hands an account that is completely tied to themselves. And moderators will catch this dumbs quite easily.
So, games on Pure NFT are literally the future of the market, a trump card that solves a lot of problems. The main thing is to play this card right.
P. S. Was it just about games?
Yes, but there is another interesting topic. Professional software.
Look: a novice motion designer studied with a pro at Adobe After Effect. Other programs categorically do not suit him, and to retrain is to give extra time and effort. And buying from Adobe is expensive. What to do?
A) Work with the trial/light version (if available). With cutted functions
B) Download the crack/keygen
C) Go to the p2p market and download the access key there at a reduced price. Profit! Again, the buyer is in the black, the seller is in the black, the publisher is in the black — do not forget about royalties, do not forget about royalties.

Watch this: a novice motion designer learned from the pros on Adobe After Effect
Well, that's probably all for today. In the next article we will talk (insert a topic). Bye everyone!
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