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Pure NFT of Sergey Elkin

July 14, 2021

Foil Network is pleased to share information about the participants of the offline NFT auction, which will take place on July 15 in Moscow. One of them will be Sergey Elkin, a Russian cartoonist and architect.

You are probably already familiar with his work: his pieces were regularly published in Izvestia, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, The Moscow Times, Vedomosti, Politru, RIA Novosti and many other domestic publications. In addition, he is a participant and winner of international cartoon competitions in Brazil, Germany, India, Ukraine, Canada, Lithuania and many other countries.

“Atypical personal path, wrong and uncharacteristic”
Sergey Yolkin

“The secrets of the Kremlin cuisine or another conviction against the opposition in Russia, The upcoming departure of Angela Merkel from the post of German Chancellor or Challenges for US President Joe Biden — Elkin’s works succinctly and ironically play up the abuse of power and absurd actions of politicians.” — Deutsche Welle
Sergei’s extraordinary and vivid presentation of a “healthy perception of life” it’s more than just caricatures.He daily delights and amuses fans of the artist’s work, striking the mind with a cheerful and mischievous vision of the events taking place in the world.

Sergei has released three collections of cartoons and illustrations. Sergei’s authors’ columns and works, at the moment, are regularly published in both foreign and domestic publications, such as Deutche Welle, for example. In addition, he gives interviews to Novy Prospekt. The artist boldly writes letters to Donald Trump and continues his bright work, despite the fines imposed for reposting his work.

Positioning himself at the moment as a “freelancer”, Sergei continues his independent and uplifting, from small to large, creativity in the style of caricature.

This is not Sergey’s debut in the NFT world. But this time his vision is new, absolutely stunning, inspired by the ongoing rise of NFT culture.

The work of Sergei Vladimirovich, presented at the Offline Auction, is a unique work that will amaze, without a doubt, the most sophisticated art connoisseur!
Sergey described his NFT work as “Receiving a pass from Malevich” as follows:
“A hundred years ago, “ Black Square” meant a step into the division of the beautiful traditional art from the impudent new. And beyond this unknown and refreshing step there was the future. The twenty-first century opens up new “black squares” for us: blockchain, crypto, neural networks and NFTs. We are looking into this new future. It beckons us… “
Sergey Yolkin
We are waiting for you on July 15 at the NFT Auction in Moscow, which will be held jointly with Prometheus. At the auction, about 15 authors will present their works, in various genres, from works of art to NFT copyright of famous Hip Hop musicians and famous personalities and journalists on YouTube. You can buy tickets for the auction here.

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Senior system(s) and Foil Network administrator
Vera Histieva
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