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What are NFT games, how to make money on them?

February 24, 2022

Hello, friends! In previous articles, we touched on play-to-earn games. It's time to look at them in more detail.
What are NFT games “play to earn”? These are earning opportunities on crypto games. Imagine that every item in your favorite MMO is a token. You can sell it for cryptocurrency, and then take it out for the usual money you need.

How does it work? To understand this, we need to remember what a blockchain is. Imagine a database with information stored on many computers at once. In this case, the information cannot be changed or deleted — only added. This makes the data decentralized, impossible to control.

So, what does it mean? Right, so the players themselves have an important part of the control. Because they are the real owners of certain tokens and items. This leads us to the next question.

How can players control the gameplay?
Because each person is the real owner of certain tokens, the in-game economy is not much subordinate to the developers. It is quite possible to form a p2p market, where only players determine what costs how much and what is quoted. The distinctive features of the p2p market are as follows:

1. Free circulation of items, skins and other things between players.
Imagine that you are a conditional 5th level player. And you have a legendary item dropped for you. When will you be able to wear it without debuffs? In a hundred years, if you are very lucky, and a randomly selecting class (it also happens) will coincide with the one you need to wear the item. In short, this particular item is cool for you, but impractical. And you sell it to a person who has been looking for legendary items from this set for a long time. And you enrich yourself with real money on this. Either let the cryptocurrency into staking / forging, or take it out into the currency of your country and enjoy life.

Another possibility. You have created a unique skin that someone liked. The guy wanted to buy it from you, and you were lured by the price he offered. Bingo — you are in the black again!

Or another option. You are a successful player, and you no longer need items from the beginning of the game. But there is a beginner who has just created an account and is ready to buy an initial set of armor from you for the sake of fast growth. For you, they have no value, and instead of going and selling armor for in-game currency to an old seller, you use the features of crypto games and sell this junk for project tokens. Which you then take out into ordinary currencies.

The same situation from a beginner’s perspective. There is no sense to donate $ 100 into the game for the sake of the beginners’ (sic!) set. But buying for 20 bucks from a veteran is a great deal.

And the coolest thing. The tokens of the project are supported by several games. And you transfer the item literally from one game to another. Where you have already developed, you don’t need a skin armor for first-level beginners. But if you have just started playing some kind of similar game — the transfer of armor from one game to another will be a huge help. And you don’t even need to buy anything from anyone, you, roughly speaking, transfer the item from yourself to yourself: from the “World of Warcraft” to the “Final Fantasy”. Or vice versa. Convenient!

This leads us to the following variant of interaction:

2. Exchange the currency of one game for the currency of another one.
Let’s say you were stupid and sold the armor for the usual in-game currency. But it can also be sold! You go to a special exchange and sell what you got for the armor, getting a cryptocurrency for it. Therefore, take out the cryptocurrency or let it into staking / forging.

A more interesting option: you can transfer money from a beginner account to a veteran account. There are special exchanges of in-game currencies for this. To exchange the currency of one game for the currency of another one is as easy as for cryptocurrency. And you can sell the currency of one game for the currency of another.

Thus, the players really have real control on the economy. Logically: what are blockchain games without the opportunity to earn? What is the point of NFT games? I don't know, there are plenty of different MMOs already.

Of course, sometimes developers do not give players complete freedom by introducing their own token items into circulation, but these are details. A certain layer of the economy (p2p markets) still remains for users, by definition, this cannot be changed. So the very future when we start getting paid for playing games has already arrived. It's here. But…

Security aspect
As always, important issues are considered when people are asking. How can a player protect himself and his items if the NFT is an imitation to which he has no real rights? Will the item be taken away without permission?

That’s why FOIL Network came in. Yes, that’s right, the solution is Pure NFT again. The real rights to the tokens are protected via the blockchain. Every transaction made inside the FOIL blockchain is legal. I remind you: each Pure NFT has a rights transfer agreement attached to it. Each creator of Pure NFT is verified and is unlikely to cheat. And the provenance is publicly available. If the player is alerted by something, he has the right not to buy a token. But when he does, he will get real rights to it. Not copyrights, of course, just ownership rights. And no one will take that away from him.

“But what if the creator of Pure NFT still cheated? What if he sold the replicated work as an exclusive?”, you may ask.

There has been a “report” button in all games since the beginning of time. I think the developers will help you if you describe your problem in detail. If not, you can write to the FOIL Network, and the scammer will be restricted from creating tokens. If he abuses other opportunities, we can always completely deprive him of the right to create Pure NFT. And remove published artworks from the site.

Seriously. Under these conditions, it is unlikely that anyone will be brave to mess up in a big way. After all, if your passport and other data is in a trusted center, a completely real lawsuit can always be filed against you. This will spoil not only your reputation in the crypto world, but also your reputation in reality. And it can lead to real problems. That is why few people will dare to cheat. This is the advantage of KYC/AML verification over other protection methods.

By the way, the first game on the FOIL blockchain is already in construction. Some details for you:

“Dogeplanets” crypto game
An economic strategy with elements of combat. Or a combat strategy with elements of economics, as you prefer. There is a place for fans of epic battles, and for people who just want to grow and live peacefully. Very similar to the real world, right?

So. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away— Somewhere far away in the vast space depths, very different planets are flying. The player’s task is to create a stable system suitable either for economic development or for fighting. Or those who are not interested in the game can just login, collect rewards and exchange them for cryptocurrency.

But let’s focus on people who are interested in the game. Planets are created from proto comets, which are formed from four available resources. These are gas, crystals, flowers and… something else.

How to get these resources? It’s simple: on the planets or in deposits.

What about ecology?
  • Uninhabited planets are equated to common ones. People will not be able to live there, but you will be able to pump resources out of them (crystals or gas). For this, they are, in fact, needed, from the viewpoint of tactics and strategy. In order not to walk around in space, but to constantly collect what you need.

  • Habitable planets are considered uncommon. There are not many crystals and not much gas on them. But only there you can find extremely interesting and useful flowers, the third game resource.

  • Rare synthetic planets support the maximum number of satellites and are suited for combat. They are either populated by robots, or they are cyclopean ring worlds.

  • And for economic development, paradisiacal worlds, which are equated with epic ones, are most suitable. There is definitely a treasure trove there, besides, it really is a real paradise. All conditions for peaceful development.

  • Oh, the most delicious quote from the description: “The Paradise Worlds have assumed the universal arbiters function. They carefully count precious Doges without missing a single one. But they love people so much that they refuse payment for this difficult work in people’s favour.”.

  • Broken planets do not have their own rarity rank. But whoever finds such a planet and reports the coordinates to the main planets can rely on a very good reward. There are rumors that broken worlds can be restored to life, but no one knows exactly how this can be done. Perhaps the synthetic planets described above are one of the attempts.
Depending on the planets dropped out, the player should develop his own stable system. The more satellites a planet has, the more attack, defense or support slots the player has. Peaceful planets need satellites only like resources, support, but for fighters attack and defense slots are more profitable.
In addition, your Dogeplanete can be used in other blockchain games or even as a profile avatar. You can put it in Mario Kart or move it somewhere else. As you know, a planet can be a token of several projects.

Well, do you want to play? Me too. I want a synthetic world. There is an opinion that this is one of the most optimal variants from the rarity/profit ratio viewpoint.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye, the article is so long already. In the next one, I will tell you about Dogeplanets in more detail. Stay in touch!

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