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Learn about the features of the FOIL Network and be among the first to take advantage of unique opportunities. More than ten projects are already being created on our architecture, which means there's a place for you among them!
Creating your project just got a lot easier!
We support Non-Code-Development, which means that the most popular smart contract features are already written into the blockchain at the protocol level. This allows you to dramatically reduce the cost of launching your own project. And if you need something completely new, our development department is ready to implement the task as soon as possible.
Ecosystem projects
Collectible card game with great potential for eSports.
Meme The Gathering
Strategy with elements of marching tactics. Resource extraction, creating your own economy, ranked battles, and more.
PureNFT Gallery
A virtual gallery for our authors.

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Unique Features and Ecosystem
Foil Network
Unique and important
If you create a project on the Foil Network, you'll get unique benefits right away.
Automatic listing on embedded DEX
Automatic listing on embedded exchanger
Built-in KYC/AML
Built-in KYD (Know Your Developer)
Automatically generated liquidity pool for your project
Built-in web and mobile applications
Built-in NFT-marketplace
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Are you an investor and wish to earn a steady income from your funds? With our block validator support program, you can earn a steady daily income in FOIL and mVolt tokens, as well as, participate in the distribution of commissions from sales on the internal exchange.
Are you a developer and want to put your skills into practice? Join our CodeBounty program and earn rewards for implementing features that will impact the entire FOIL ecosystem! Our protocol-based smart contracts, using the Java language to create them, are devoid of the limitations that get in the way so much in other networks.
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FOIL is building an inclusive ecosystem that empowers and rewards the community for their contributions. Join us!
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