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Foil team up with NFT256 in PANGEA pure NFT DROP

June 14, 2021
“The largest #NFT community uniting artists from all over the world for the most ambitious collaborations!” – NFT256

256 international NFTartists are to mint their authentic & pure NFT

Foil Network are happy to announce the collaboration with a talented and recognized art group of international digital artists – NFT256.

NFT256 Pangea minted as “Pure NFT”

NFT256 Pangea is the third and the last portrait from the series of cooperative creations made of the artists’ works gathered together in a single NFT and signed personally by every of the 256 NFT artmakers.

Exclusive NFT art on Pure NFT Marketplace

The NFT drop will be done exclusively on our NFT Marketplace, and presented on the first ever offline NFT auction. After the sale, the profits will be evenly distributed between the 256 crypto artists, participating in their first Pure NFT drop.
The artwork will be created as a collaborative portrait of someone famous, who is it going to be?

Stay tuned to Foil Network channels to find out and for more updates on the NFT256 Pangea drop!

Rewarding NFT256 artists with Blockchain NFT storage

At Foil Network we support the crypto art and nft artist community behind every art group, not just because our Pure NFT Marketplace is created for the artists and art community, but also because we believe that any kind of art is the most important aspect of well developed civilizations and society.
That’s why Foil Network are glad to provide permanent blockchain storage to mint and store the nfts as a present for every participating crypto artist of NFT256 group. As a reminder, Foil Network are also holding Pure NFT Art Contest and offering to Create NFT for free as an early registered NFT artist, including the on-chain NFT storage and free NFT minting.

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