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May 13, 2021

All this time while we have been working on preparing our project for presale and further launches of various decentralized services.
All this time while we have been working on preparing our project for presale and further launches of various decentralized services. The ongoing work is aimed not only to create and expand our community, but also onto the functionality of our platform and its gradual opening in terms of blockchain-as-a-service functionality: block and NFT token explorer, NFT assets, onchain data storage, electronic voting, identity verification, asset tokenization and many other important blockchain related services.
Here’s a short report on the upgrades and development done during the last 3 weeks:
New partnership agreements with the investors and media

Starting today you can see the updates on our new partners on the website in the section FOIL Network Partners.
Verifed FOIL smart contract on ethereum ERC20 eFOIL
We finished the verification of our smart contract ERC20 eFOIL and now it can be found on Etherscan.
At the moment, we have only ONE smart contract on the Ethereum network: 0x636f18ae1e46e81188a00bed283ed70c114e7502

Smart FOIL Network contract will be presented on our official website FOIL on Etherscan

Upgrade of the FOIL Network website

In addition to small fixes, we have opened some platform functions:
Blog – blog and news, for announcements of important updates, promotions, bounty and contests with prizes paid out in FOIL coins.

Account – a web based crypto wallet. At the moment, the functions are limited to the account creation only.

PithDeck – in the section about the project, we have posted a presentation of the project, the FOIL Whitepaper will be posted soon.

FOIL Interactions – added a page announcing a large event with rewards in FOIL cryptocurrency.

Launch of a new block explorer FOIL DataVision
In addition to fixing minor errors in data output, there are two important updates:
FOIL Account and NFT tokens

Browse and view different assets via Block Explorer including crypto assets and NFT

Digital ID review of verified wallet owners in the FOIL blockchain
We previously announced the launch of FOIL DataVision along with the launch of the main blockchain network. Today FOIL have released DataVision version 4.
Launch of a lightweight version of WebWallet that allows generation of FOIL crypto wallets so that anyone now can participate in airdrop and bounty events at FOIL
Interaction with any FOIL blockchain infrastructure is possible in various ways, through:
Full node

Mobile wallet

Wallet Browser application (MetaMask is a good example)

IoT lite node

At this moment, we have fully implemented Full Node with more than 40 built-in functions and algorithms for creating different types of transactions.

Webwallet is fully accessible at FOIL website. Currently FOIL Wallet has a limited access to seed and account creation only.

Access to the full functionality of FOIL Web Wallet can already be provided upon request and after registration.
Integration of popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dash and DOGE by establishing defi crypto bridges that supply full compatibility with FOIL Network.

Our crypto bridge engineers have established transactional crypto bridges, which are the crypto asset converting gateways to connect with Bitcoin, Litecoin, DOGE and Dash cryptocurrencies. FOIL crypto bridges are backed up with full liquidity and fully provide the blockchain interactions between the BTC, LTC, DASH, DOGE and FOIL Network blockchain.
Inside the FOIL blockchain ecosystem, equivalent BTC assets are designated as FBTC, LTC as FLTC and so on. This allows top cryptocurrencies to be used on FOIL DEX. This is a must-have opportunity, for example when trading cryptocurrencies, buying NFTs and other digital assets, and most importantly, to minimize the gas fees and low NFT minting and creation transaction costs.
You can view the added cryptocurrencies here:
Blockexplorer Oldscan

Blockexplorer FOIL DataVision

Our team and testers have launched trading for BTC – USD, DOGE – USD

Pairs At the moment, trading is activated between the pairs BTC – USD, DOGE – USD and in the near future FOIL will add pairs for the following cryptocurrencies LTC, DASH,
as well as the ability to buy NFT for FOIL and DOGE.

The added cryptocurrencies are available in the previous version of the FOIL block explorer Blockexplorer Oldscan

Conducted a test FOIL IDO using LTC cryptocurrency for financing
On our DEX (Decentralized Exchange), we have put up for sale a small amount of FOIL crypto assets at a fixed price to LTC and successfully purchased FOIL afterwards from the external crypto payment source using our FOIL crypto wallet inside the Webwallet app.
Transactions that involved purchase of FOIL cryptocurrency in exchange for Litecoin can be viewed here:
Blockexplorer Oldscan
The NFT artists and content creators are registering to connect to our test network.

We invite creative authors to create their first Pure NFTs – NFT tokens with NFT blockchain storage and the ability to create NFTs for free, the special offer is still available to a limited number of talented contributors only.
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