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Pure NFT art contest.
Win $300 in $ FOIL!

June 9, 2021
Pure NFT. Metadata, hash link and media content in a whole non-fungible crypto asset

Pure NFT. Metadata, hash link and media content in a whole non-fungible crypto asset

Foil Network
As the first pure NFT artworks are already released on FOIL elastic blockchain, the special artist incentive event is coming up just before the NFT Marketplace launch. For a limited time, our respected NFT artists have an opportunity to mint pure NFT for free and store NFTs on-chain at our expense.

Pure NFT art contest

Foil Network are launching an NFT art contest with a prize worth $300 in $FOIL tokens, given to a winner selected by public vote out of 10 lucky finalists!
No matter what type of art you make: anime, photos, paintings, art of sound or videos with augmented reality… You can mint it into Pure NFT and win!

NFT storage on blockchain included

Each of the first 200 participants of the pure NFT platform will receive blockchain storage allocation for their artworks and covered fees of minting NFT

Contest Conditions

The contest participation submissions are accepted until 20.07.2021

Only one submission per participant is allowed, so choose your best piece

Submissions should also be posted to or any other ‘NFT drop’ community.

Transparent live voting

The artworks will be randomly allocated by amount into different contest groups. A series of voting on Foil Network Telegram Channel will then take place in order to select the best artworks out of each part of nft art contest, in order to select the best 10 nft art pieces to compete for $300 in $FOIL crypto.

Promote your NFT art

The finalists’ artworks will be covered in a dedicated publication and shared over the social networks (Reddit, Telegram, Twitter) to bring more attention and to support the NFT artists for their spectacular digital crypto NFT art.
Fill in the form and submit your piece to participate in the PURE NFT ART CONTEST and let Foil Network support your NFT art.
Foil Network
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