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First private offline NFT auction

July 26, 2021

On July 15, a significant event for the cryptocurrency and NFT community took place in Moscow: Foil Network held the world’s first private offline NFT auction, combined with a meetup.
At the event, a proprietary FOIL technology called Pure NFT was presented, which is a non-fungible token with the ability to store data directly in the blockchain and many other features. In particular, with the attachment of the rights transfer agreement directly to the container with the content.
The Foil mobile application was also presented. Even the tickets themselves were pre-issued NFTs, displayed on the Foil Network marketplace built into the web wallet.

The event itself was held in a relaxed atmosphere already familiar to the crypto industry, with a buffet and a speech by speakers, including famous artists, painters and crypto enthusiasts.

It is worth noting separately the uniqueness of the NFTs put up for sale. Each of them either was a unique art object, or had interesting features, or both together.

For example, we may take several lots from the auction:
The “Outcast” music band’s Golden Ticket
A unique NFT created by the EraNFT team as part of the Labyrinth collection based on the “Outcast” music band’s single and Salavat Fidai’s creativity. Not only is the world’s first music release (single) released as a NFT, but the “Golden Ticket” itself has some interesting features. So the following opportunities are available to the buyer:

· free lifetime access to VIP seats at all “Outcast” concerts for 4 people;

· a personalized CD with the recording of a new single, an exclusive cover from Salavat Fidai and both “Outcast” music band’s and Salavat Fidai’s autographs;

· a new single in digital format with a digital cover by Salavat Fidai;

· unique recordings of music band’s rehearsals and soundchecks, as well as demo versions of the new single;

· an animated gold card created by Salavat Fidai specifically for this collection.

The combination of offline and online opportunities predictably led to the fact that the “Golden Ticket” became the most expensive lot at the auction, collecting more than 1 million rubles.

Russian folk costume by charming Olympia Ivleva is also an excellent example of combining the virtual and real world. In addition to the NFT itself with animation on the starry sky background, the buyer also received the real costume that formed the basis of the NFT.

Tokenization of significant things is a very personal deed. Maybe that’s why this lot has become one of the most popular at the auction?

Russian folk costume by Olympia Ivleva
A lot that is unique, thanks to the two hundred and fifty-six NFT authors’ collaboration. An incredible scale of work and an even more incredible result.

Each work of each author can be seen on the final work, and thanks to Pure NFT technology, it will be preserved forever and will be available to users while the blockchain exists.


The first documentary film released on the blockchain, and that says it all. But the uniqueness of this lot is also that it is, again, a huge work done by many authors. Interestingly, all fees from the sale of NFT and royalties will be directed to charity.

The buyer got the opportunity to use the film for any non-commercial purposes. The rights transfer was carried out thanks to the attached agreement technology in the FOIL blockchain, and this is also a unique event, since classic NFTs do not imply any rights transfer at all.

NFT — The Art off selling art

Maybe this precedent will be a new beginning for the NFT market?

These aren’t all the lots demonstrated at the event, but they are the most significant from the point of view of the NFT technology development.

The opportunity to transfer rights, attach agreements, store data on the blockchain, instead of a simple hash and a link…

All this will certainly have an impact on the NFT industry’s development in the very near future, as demonstrated by Foil Network.
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