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Launch of FOIL MainNet and Web wallet

May 3, 2021

“We can win a major battle in the arms race and gain a new territory of freedom…” – Satoshi Nakamoto.
“We can win a major battle in the arms race and gain a new territory of freedom…”
Satoshi Nakamoto
The Foil Network proudly launched FOIL Blockchain MainNet, by initiating the blockchain with a Genesis Block. The genesis block is also known as block #0, and is not “mined” in the way subsequent blockchain blocks are. Instead, it is constructed manually, as a reference point and hard coded into the protocol software, using a key value pre-computed externally. Foil Block #1 is created seconds later using the protocol’s proof-of-stake algorithm after the Genesis block is in the chain, marking the true “initial” step of Foil Network’s launch campaign.

Foil Network is a interoperable structure of innovative and compatible blockchains, connecting Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Bitcoin networks in a simple to use and customisable blockchain-as-a-service platform, capable of scalable blocks, nft and blockchain data storage, identity verification and digital asset tokenization.

The platform data storage capabilities exceed 20 Mbytes per block and the block processing times vary from 30 seconds per block. The new breed of elastic blockchains behind the Foil Network has integrated decentralised exchange and different decentralised finance instruments, including digital asset tokenization and cross-chain crypto asset trading and conversion.
In the meantime, the second major event for today is the launch of the FOIL Web Wallet.
On our website, the account button has become active, following which you can go to FOIL Web Wallet.
At the moment, it can only generate seed and accounts for storing cryptocurrencies, tokens, Pure NFT and other digital assets. Seed generated on Web wallet can also be used in Full Node on a computer, and vice versa. You can use the generated accounts to participate in AirDrop and other rewarding events.
In the near future, together with the development of our project and upcoming events, additional functions will open, such as:
Sending cryptocurrencies, tokens, Pure NFT and other digital assets.

Digital ID creation and verification

Creation of cryptocurrencies, tokens, Pure NFT and other digital assets.

Built-in Decentralized Exchange where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, tokens, Pure NFT and other digital assets.

Entry into the blockchain and storage of documents and files

Signing contracts, agreements and other transactions

And other functions that are already implemented in Full Node.

In regard to Genesis Block and Announced Web-Wallet, Foil Network welcomes their supporters and early adopters to participate in the private competition and to grab their crypto rewards!

Sign up to our social networking groups, in order to find out more details on the upcoming crypto rewards events.

Participate in the launch of Foil Network, an innovative and rapid network of Blockchain-as-a-Service products!

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