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Distributed Ledger Technology FOIL Network

April 11, 2021

FOIL Network is happy to unveil FOIL’s PURE NFT Marketplace, which will serve the needs of the NFT community.
FOIL Network is happy to unveil FOIL’s PURE NFT Marketplace, which will serve the needs of the NFT community. The PURE NFT market is created for artists, content creators, NFT enthusiasts, and will provide low transaction fees through gas optimization. The platform will also allow on-chain NFT storage and NFT staking capabilities.

FOIL Network is a robust and interoperable blockchain that is flexible and fast. The DLT is a viable and integrable Blockchain-as-a-Service. The Network provides a solution to everyday business cases such as verifying identities of investors, contributors, community members, validators and counterparties, based on the immutable and transparent blockchain technology.

FOIL functions as a means to better enterprises through built-in functions such as being IoT and smart contract capable, AML/KYC system, built in decentralized exchange module, creating and encrypting documents and messages, tokenizing real world assets, creating DeFi instruments and securitization of crypto assets while being compatible with Java-based enterprise solutions, and an API capable layer.

FOIL Proof-of-Stake platform brings a true decentralized environment while solving the enigma of digital identity by establishing an added layer of security from malicious users entering the blockchain ecosystem.

“We don’t talk about what blockchain can do, we make it work, and then we use it”
FOIL Network

Behind the scenes of FOIL Network

The FOIL team consists of blockchain enthusiasts and early adopters that come from various backgrounds and experiences, with one mission: to make Blockchain-as-a-Service solutions accessible, recognized and demanded by the global business.

The digital assets behind the FOIL economy

MVolt is a stable currency on the FOIL network. It is a stable currency that can be used as a gas token. The FOIL token itself functions as a means to maintain the liquidity of the FOIL ecosystem. The fiat value of MVolt is pegged to the value of a predetermined amount of storage or transactions in the FOIL Network, while the FOIL token is re-evaluated and paired against Ethereum, Binance Coin and Bitcoin.

The FOIL Protocol

The Foil Network protocol would first launch in May 2021. The protocol is developed on the Erachain technology, which has been developed and improved for more than 5 years, becoming an innovative breakthrough in the blockchain industry. After a conceptual redesign, with the support of partner Erachain, Foil Network is ready to launch Foil Genesis on an independent layer 1 blockchain.
Foil Network
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