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Foil Network Ecosystem

January 18, 2022

Hello friends!

The New Year is approaching, and we would like to tell you about the Foil ecosystem. Especially since it has expanded significantly over the year and now consists of many related, but autonomously developed, projects.

In essence, this is the classic way of new platforms. Provide a handy tool and then only improve it, watching how the products of those who use this tool grow and become stronger. In addition, in the New Year, we're sure there will be much more of them!


Foil Network Wallet
The backbone of the ecosystem, Foil Wallet is presented as a web app, a desktop wallet, and its mobile version. The desktop wallet is the most versatile of all and allows you to use all the features of the Foil Network. Including staking and forging, available only to owners of the desktop version.

The FOIL web app has slightly reduced functionality compared to the desktop version, but is available on any device with a browser and Internet access. At the same time, the web application has already implemented its own NFT marketplace!

The mobile version is available for Android and iOS. It has all the features users need, with minimal device requirements. In general, all versions of Foil Network wallet are constantly developing and improving. Of the latest changes, I would like to mention the support of forging pools in the web version and the ability to send multiple assets in a single transaction in the desktop app.

The latter, by the way, is a know-how and is only implemented in the Foil network.

Status - Ready.

Pure NFT Gallery
One of the projects under development at the moment is the Pure NFT Gallery. It is hard to find an analogue of this project, it is in fact a permanent exhibition of NFTs created in the Foil network. There is a full catalog of NFTs categorized by author, title, release date, and price, as well as personal pages of the NFT authors themselves (their own galleries).

NFT authors can customize their own galleries by commissioning a design from Foil Network specialists, or provide their own design option. As a promotional tool, Pure NFT Gallery uses several custom charts to determine the best NFTs of the week and month, as well as the best authors and most interesting new products.

All charts are strictly user-generated and based on social media votes.

Status - under development.

Foil Airdrops
If you're familiar with the Gleam platform, the functionality of Foil Airdrops will come as no surprise to you.

This is an airdrop and bounty site. The site supports tight integration with social networks and has the ability to automatically check tasks completed by users. As a common currency for rewards, FOIL and NFT tokens created in the FOIL network are used. There is no additional monetization, but to create tasks with prizes different from the standard (FOIL and NFT tokens), the organizers of the bounty will still have to add a reward in FOIL.

In summary, Foil Airdrops is a great tool that requires no special knowledge to use and is a powerful means to promote both the authors of NFTs created in the Foil Network and the creators of new projects using the Foil Network platform.

Status - under development.

Pure NFT Marketplace
The functionality of the built-in wallet marketplace, was not enough for most users, so, in parallel with the renewal of the wallet, the development of a full-featured NFT Marketplace. Features include a convenient NFT constructor, advanced statistics of purchases and sales, as well as categorization. Pure NFT Marketplace supports tight integration with Pure NFT Gallery and allows to track popular authors, price dynamics of their works and used licenses.

The main feature of the marketplace is the use of built-in license agreements for NFTs sold, which is unique in the NFT trade and potentially a crucial feature for authors and buyers.

Status - under development.

Moving on to game projects. And first we meet Dogeplanets, the future diamond of blockchain games.

Why do we think so? It's all very simple. For starters, Dogeplanets uses as its main currency, the DOGE coin, which has a huge and very friendly community. This alone can guarantee the success of even a simple collectible game, but we have gone much further. Dogeplanets features an interesting gameplay, taking as a basis the thesis "All the best games are easy to learn and difficult to master".

The combat system is a real time-based tactic! On the skills of the player and his understanding of the internal logic of the game, depends very much, so even do not have powerful gaming items, but the "skilful" user, can defeat strong opponents. The economic part, too, delights. Here both the extraction of resources (with subsequent trade on the internal exchange) and crafting, and the creation of whole production chains ...
Competent economic management in Dogeplanets is as important as the tactical abilities of the players!

In general, we decided to move away as much as possible from the "Pay-to-win" principle, which has become a real stigma of blockchain games, and focused on "Play-to-win" and "Play-to-earn". The game is as beginner-friendly as possible and will please both fans of 24/7 battles and peaceful players who prefer to build their own economy.

Status - under development.

Meme The Gathering
Another game, this time a card game. Based on the mechanics of the notorious Magic The Gathering (which plays around with the name), but has a clear focus on cryptocurrencies and memes.

However, the appearance is not the only thing that distinguishes it from its ancestor. Changed some of the mechanics, game cards, even factions! In general, Meme The Gathering will be absolutely understandable to both classic MTG fans and new players. The economic part is given special attention and all cards are branded Pure NFT, so they can be changed, sold and bought on internal and external markets without any effort.

For investors, Meme The Gathering may be interesting to buy so-called "core" or "gold" cards. The owner of this card receives royalties from all secondary sales of cards (corresponding to his card) in the market.

Status - in development.

This is still not a complete list of projects in the Foil Network ecosystem. We've only covered what will be ready in the near future. But we have to leave room for surprises, don't we?
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